• Carpet in natural fibre

    Carpet with natural fibre

    We sell carpets with natural fibre/material. Suitable for different spaces both home and industrial use. Gives a beatiful look at your interior!


    Buy high quality carpet in natural fibre.

    Are you looking for carpet or floorcovering? Our collection flatweave carpet in natural fibre may interest you.

    We can weave carpet with the following natural fibres.

    After doing the necessary adjustments on our weavinglooms we are able to weave any kind of natural fibre.

    • sisal

    Carpet in sisal

    • linen

    Carpet in linen

    • wool

    Carpet in wool

    • cocos

    Carpet in cocos

    • jute

    Carpet in jute

    What are the characteristics of these natural carpets?

    Carpet in sisal:

    Material: Very stong and wear resistant. Antistatic and biodegradable. Tender for stains and uv light. Often combinated with wool because the sisal makes it strong and the wool soft.

    Carpet in sisal

    Carpet in linen:

    Material: linen is made out of flax. Very strong and long lasting. Feels soft and comfortable. A special characteristic of linen is: the more you walk on it the softer and stronger it becomes! Linen is not moisture absorbing.

    Flatweave carpet Belca Borneo

    Carpet in cocos:

    Material: The cheapest natural fibre of them all. Strong, antistatic, noise and heat isolating. Disadvantages are the rough structure of cocos and the moisture absorbing effect.

    Carpet in cocos

    Carpet in wool:

    Material: Strong and long lasting. Elastic, noise and heat isolating. Easy to clean, doesn't absorb as much filth like sisal or linen.

    flatweave carpet 100% wool

    Carpet in jute:

    Material: Very fine fibre, smooth and soft material. Often used as back for other carpets. Or in combination with another material. Disadvantages: not strong and sensitive to moisture.

    Carpet in jute