• The benefits and disadvantages of flatweave carpet.

    Borneo flatweave carpet

    Are you thinking about buying carpet or are you not sure what type of flooring to choose? We give you all the benefits and disadvantages of flatweave carpet so you can make a wise decision. We also talk short about when / in what situation flatweave carpet is best suitable.


    Benefits of flatweave carpet.

    • Very decorative. Gives a modern touch to your interior. (Carpet can be woven with different designs and patters with a jacquard loom)
    • Works noise isolating and is not cold to walk on like for example a floor in stone.
    • Thanks to the flat structure very maintenance friendly. Can be easy vacuumcleaned.
    • Thanks to the flat surface this type of carpet is perfect to walk on. Can be used in an office. A desk chair can be pushed easy over the surface of this carpet.
    • Doesn't attract dust or dust mite.
    • Very strong and long-lasting woven.
    • Not more expensive than floors in hard materials.

    Disadvantages of flatweave carpet.

    • Less noise isolating and warm than carpets with long hair.
    • Carpets are in general sensitive for stains. With flatweave carpet this is less the case but they are more sensitive for stains than hard floorings.
    • Carpets have a shorter life cyclus than most hard floorings. You should expect a flatweave carpet to last 20 years if you take care of it.

    Flatweave carpet is suitable for:

    • Wall to wall carpet for in an office, hotel, house, …
    • Carpet/rugs. Can be cut in the dimensions you need and finished with a border you like.
    • People that are sensitive for dust or allergies.
    • Intensive use.

    Less suitable for:

    • People that want a soft and warm carpet.
    • Wet or filthy environment.

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